Outpatient Specialty Clinics

Giving you the convenience without ever having to leave town. Schedule an appointment with a specialist call today at each of the numbers listed by the provider.

Cardiology -
Dr. Thapa, Dr. Hagley, Dr. Mattar, Dr. Ahmed
Dr. Thapa 888-625-4699 The 4th Monday of every month.
Dr. Hagley, Dr. Mattar, Dr. Ahmed 620-669-2717 2nd Monday of month quarterly.

Orthopedics -
Dr. Curry, Dr. Harbin, Dr. Sears:
Dr. Harbin 785-823-2215 1st Friday every month
Dr. Curry 785-754-3341 Ext. 5154 or 5116 4th Friday every month.
Dr. Sears 785-754-3341 Ext. 5154 or 5116 2nd Wednesday every month.

Surgery -
Dr. Gabel, Dr. Schultz:
Dr. Gabel 785-754-3341 Ext. 5159 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month.
Dr. Schultz 785-623-5945 1st Monday of the first full week monthly.

General Surgery/Plastics -
Dr. Potter: 785-301-2250 1st and 3rd Tuesday every month.

Podiatry -
Dr. Hinze:
Call for an appointment

Diabetes Clinic -
Janette Burbach, MS, RD, CDE
Call for an appointment

Dietitian/Nutrition Therapy -
Kim Dohm, RD, LD
Call for an appointment

Allergy Clinic of Western Kansas -
Diana Staley, APRN
Call for an appointment

Pain Clinic - Call 785-754-3341 ext 5159 for appointment

*Dates are subject to change