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Frequently asked Questions:

Where do I start if my loved one needs nursing home care?
You need to decide where they would like to live, home town or close to family who lives away. Keep in mind who if anyone will be able to visit and offer support. Once you have decided on a general location, visit the nursing homes in the area, take a tour, and ask questions. It is helpful if you call ahead and schedule a time for the tour and questions as staff are often involved in activities with the residents.

When you have decided on a nursing home, you will need a local physician to write orders to admit your loved one to the nursing home. A CARE assessment completed by the Area Agency on Aging is also required. If your loved one is in the hospital, the hospital staff will set that up. If your loved one is at home, the nursing home can help you in setting this up. This assessment must be completed prior to admission and once it has been completed it is good for up to one year. The CARE assessment is separate from any screening assessment the nursing home might do to determine if they are able to meet your loved ones needs.

Does the nursing home have a doctor on staff who will attend a resident who is ill in the nursing home?
GCMC - LTC does not have a physician on staff at the facility, however, we are connected to the hospital and the physicians' clinic. If a resident needs to be seen by a physician, an appointment will be made and they will be assisted to the clinic. If they are unable to go to the clinic the physician will come to the facility to see them. Families are encouraged to go to appointments with their loved ones so that they may ask questions.

What kinds of activities are there for my loved one?
GCMC - LTC provides a variety of activities that residents may choose to attend. Residents and their families are interviewed regarding the resident's interests and the activity staff will plan a program to meet their interests. We offer in house activities as well as outings. We also provide activities that involve GCMC's day care children. GCMC's activity department recently won an award for their outstanding Jr. Volunteer summer program. Residents really seem to enjoy this program and look forward to it each summer.

Is GCMC's LTC Medicare or Medicaid certified?
We are not a Medicare provider as we are attached to the hospital and the hospital swing bed provides these services. We are Medicaid certified, meaning that we will accept private pay and Medicaid residents.

Can my loved one have a private room?
We have a total of 6 private rooms. If your loved one wishes to have a private room and one is not available they will be placed on a waiting list for a private room. Requests for private rooms are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Can my loved one bring their own furniture?
Yes, residents are encouraged to bring in their own furniture and belongings as space allows. We encourage residents and families to make their space "theirs", as this is their home.

What if my loved one does not like what is on the menu today?
Residents are offered choices from the menu and if none of the choices are acceptable, they may request something different. The dietary staff will try to meet residents' requests.

Will I be updated on my loved ones care status?
Yes, our licensed staff will contact you if there is a change in your loved one's condition. You may also call anytime and ask about your loved one. Providing your loved one has given us permission to share information with you.

Does the nursing home move residents to new room at will?
No, before a resident is moved to a different room it is discussed with the resident and family. Residents and families are also notified when the resident is getting a new room mate as soon as that information is available.

Is my loved one protected from abuse/neglect/exploitation?
Our staff is required to receive yearly training on abuse/neglect/exploitation and what to do if it is suspected. We also do criminal background checks and follow all federal regulations with regard to abuse/neglect/exploitation.

Are laundry services provided?
Yes, the facility does laundry. Residents' clothing is labeled with their name so that it can be returned to them. Some families choose to do their loved one's laundry and this is acceptable as well.

May the resident leave for the weekend, holidays, or outings with family?
Yes, families are encouraged to plan outings and overnight visits for their loved ones. Our staff will make every effort to assist with these plans including transportation to near-by areas for your loved one if needed.

Are religious services provided?
We have 7 different churches that rotate services on Sundays. All residents are welcome to attend even if it is not their church's turn. There is a Rosary every Sunday at 4:00 PM and Catholic Mass on Monday mornings. Many residents enjoy attending Prayer and Praise on Monday evenings.

Will transportation be provided for out-of-town doctor appointments?
Yes, we provide transportation for out of town appointments and families may ride with the resident if they choose.

Will therapy services be offered to my loved one if the physician orders it?
We do have a Therapy department that includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy as needed. We also have an excellent rehab therapy program available to help your loved one maintain their abilities.

Can my loved one keep cash at the facility and if so, how much.
Residents may keep up to $50 in a personal fund account at the facility. The State of Kansas requires any funds over this amount to be placed in an interest bearing account. A quarterly accounting is provided to the resident and/or family. Residents are encouraged to keep their money in the fund account as opposed to in their room.